Crowding the Blog-o-sphere

Welcome to the Internet

As if the interwebs isn’t filled with enough trolls and douchebags, this guy just started up his own blog.

Cory is actually a good friend of mine and I’ve known him since the first Pokemon games came out. ANCIENT HISTORY HUH? There was a time where we hung outside, ran around and used our imaginations thinking that we were the newest Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles or something.

Then the internet happened.

Now he listens to metal, kicks my ass in Call of Duty Company of Heroes and blogs about not having money. He’s a realist, an agnostic (the real kind), and an anarchist. He says so in his first post.

My hope is that one day I get yelled at by a Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Back type person about hanging out with him, because becoming an anarchist is a lot like catching the flu.

Seriously though, go give the blog a look. His jokes are funnier than mine.

I guess I should whore Chris out while I’m at it, but that asshole gets 10 times more hits than I do.


One Comment to “Crowding the Blog-o-sphere”

  1. Yeah seriously, fuck chris.

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