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July 26, 2010

Finding the Perfect House Part III: Part 1: Buying the Perfect House

(Where’s part one? Not sure, but I did get a phone call from her a few days ago. She said something about being in Reno. I think she was drunk dialing me from a party.)

After living at the House on Silent Hill for longer than I should have, my fiance and I moved in with her brother Mark. If this post counts as the Return of the Jedi, then what happened at Mark’s totally counts as a Shadows of the Empire section. Naked wampas and all.

Aw, isn't that bloodthirsty creature just adorable?

So anyway, jumping ahead to the end of our year at Mark’s, my fiance and I decided we had to get our own place. We began looking at ads for apartments but kept coming to the conclusion that they were either too expensive or too trashy (or sometimes both). Those in the middle wouldn’t allow us to bring cats. Someone, might’ve been my mother, then brought up looking for a house, adding that if we couldn’t get a home loan ourselves, they’d buy it and we’d rent it from them. Cool beans huh?

Well, turns out we could get a home loan. By we, of course, I meant my fiance. Apparently having a good, steady job and excellent credit does come in handy. And here I thought she was just wasting money with that credit card of hers. We ended up searching for homes in the same neighborhood as the House on Silent Hill since we really did like the neighborhood. Rather quickly we found a house that we both liked (not having black mold everywhere kinda helped) and we put a bid in on it.

Then they counter bid.

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April 19, 2010

Finding the Perfect House Part 2: The House on Silent Hill

In honor of Tax Day, since the lady and I just received our promised First Time Homeowner Tax Credit, I will share with you some of the horrors of the time I spent before I ended up in the house I am in currently.

And like all good trilogies, I’m going to start in the middle.

Since my mother had found renters who would actually pay the rent at the house I had been living in, I was booted. My sister was also starting college and she wanted to live less than an hour away from it. To kill two college kids with one house, my  soon-to-be-ex-stepfather-guy started looking around to find a place to throw us into. He also wanted to try the whole “owning property to make extra money by charging rent” thing.

After an entire summer of looking (and getting outbid), we found what is now referred to as The House on Silent Hill. While we should have realized what we were getting ourselves into, the college semester was starting and we had grown tired of rejection. My soon-to-be-ex-stepfather-guy snatched up the house and we quickly moved in. By quickly, I mean of course overnight and without much thought.

The outside of the house appeared like something straight out of a Tim Burton fairy tale. The outside was painted a candy apple red and resembled a gingerbread house.  It’s long front yard was full of weeds and was surrounded by trees. In the center of the yard were two long dead trees, with only the twelve-foot-high trunks remained standing like some ancient pagan site. The whole lot seemed to stand out from the normal neighborhood that surrounded it.

But inside is where things got weird.

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