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August 31, 2010

A Potentially Racist Post

Angry girl

Black women have a type of sass which other races envy.

Now, I know we all grew up being told that everyone is different and special and that we shouldn’t judge or make assumptions about people because of their race, color of their skin, religion, creed, what they wear, how they talk, social class, what they do, or how they eat their food.

Well I’m going to ignore all of that for a moment because, well, it’s kinda bullshit since you can tell a lot about people just by looking at them. However, if any of us are qualified to figure out this data from sight alone is another matter that I don’t want to go into. (We’re not, stop being cocky).

While subbing, there was always something I noticed, something like the black kids did that white kids didn’t nearly as often. I think it may have to do with black culture, how it makes them act this way almost in self defense. To be honest, watching it occur every time brought a sense of joy to me. As if there really was order amidst the chaos of a high school classroom. The event happens like this with generally the same dialogue each time:

Black male: *says something stupid*

Black  female (usually from the other side of the classroom): [name of male student] why the hell you gotta be so damn ig’nant?

Black male: *is put off by the attack* Man, [name of female student] why you gotta be like that?

Black female: Why the hell YOU gotta be like that?

At this point other students,  including his own friends begin to make fun of him and chastise him. In self defense he turns to me.

Black male: Did you hear that? She’s swearing!

I am busy laughing at his embarrassment.

Black female: You see that? Even the sub is laughin’ at your dumb ass!

Class continues as normal.

(Sometimes, a white kid will point out and make fun of them for talking in Ebonics which 95% of the time ends with everyone laughing. Including said black kids.)

I have yet to see these events enacted by white kids. Usually with white kids, it’s a toss up for which gender says the stupid thing and it’s usually a lot quicker with someone just telling them to shut up. Not as funny usually. 😦

May 7, 2010

Jokes I’ve played on students 01

(What’s this? A post that isn’t over 9000 words long? It’s more likely than you think.)

Take your pick: Masons, Aliens, or Alien Masons?

The other day I was subbing for a class that was computer based. The teachers in this building are smart and installed software that allows them to view what each student it doing on their computers at the same time. What really makes this software awesome is that you can cut their internet connection, shut down their computer, make everyone see what he/she is doing, and-best of all-control their computer. This has lead to some fun times on my part especially since most of the time, they don’t realize I know about the software.

On this day I noticed one student slacking off and browsing the web. When I clicked on the little box that showed what she was doing, it enlarged it on my screen that that it mimicked hers. What I saw made me grin to such an extent that any student who saw me probably thought I was some pedophile creeper looking at porn. But no, this was something awesome! This was something I had spent many college nights looking into, filling my young mind with delusions! Working myself into a strange paranoia as I looked out the window and the world ending before my eyes! Now I saw that she too was doing the same thing: reading up on the Illuminati; the super-secret-crack-pot-theory-of-shadowy-evil-reptilian-alien-overlords!

What made it worse was when I saw how serious she was taking this; she was hunched over staring deep into the monitor with an intense gaze. Her troubled face told me she was eating up every word, wondering how this menace could be stopped.

That’s when I stepped in. I used the software to take control of her computer. She shot up when the mouse moved against her will as it moved towards the address bar. Then the words appeared in it:

We are watching you.

She shouted and nearly jumped out of her chair. Everyone turned and looked at her. She showed the monitor to her friend, who soon became as pale as she was.

That was when I couldn’t hold back my laughter anymore and almost fell out of my seat. She quickly turned to me, confused and a bit frightened, “Was that you?” she asked.

I could only respond with “God I love my job!”

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